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We are always on the lookout for new great talent. We are currently looking to fill the below positions. Please feel free to send us an application. We cannot promise we will answer it right away, since we are a small team.



We are looking for a backend programmer to join our amazing team in the heart of Copenhagen.
We are currently working on a multiplayer game First Class Trouble.

First Class Trouble is an asymmetric multiplayer game that blends cooperation and deception as players try to figure out who they can trust, while fighting to survive aboard the luxury space cruise-liner, ISS Alithea, that has had an A.I. uprising.

Be responsible of backend features such as Analytics, Player Profile features, Ranking system, Leaderboards, Matchmaking etc. Communicate and work close together with our current programmers.

Experience required:

  • Experience with C++ language

  • Experience with UE4

  • Good knowledge of game design

  • Great motivation and desire to work with a creative team

Bonus skills:

  • Experience working with Node Js

  • Experience working with Python

  • Experience with UE4’s Blueprint System

  • Understanding of network programming

  • Understanding of UE4 code architecture

  • Good understanding of UI in video games

  • Relevant education in the field

  • Ability to receive feedback and collaborate with others to come up with viable olutions for programming issues

  • Experience with Perforce & Slack


Practical information:

Start as soon as possible.
To apply, send us your CV and portfolio to or feel free to call +45 20710582 if you have questions regarding the position.



We here at Invisible walls are looking for someone with a knack for marketing video games, or interactive media. We have always been used to share it among us, but as we get busier and the days get shorter, we at Invisible Walls need a full-time employee to step in and take charge of the marketing on our existing and emerging platforms.

You will oversee planning and executing marketing strategies. As such we expect you to work autonomously and take charge of what needs to be done. This often means creating the assets that you need yourself. Therefore, you should be fluent in the standard graphics design programs. You will work on existing projects such as First Class Trouble, misc. company related PR projects and future game development projects.

We also expect that you will be able to engage with our player base through our various platforms – Discord in particular, as this is where our players are. You should not be afraid to talk to the players and thus great humor is a must! Being able to navigate Reddit we foresee as being something that would be a huge plus as well.



  • Experience with marketing

  • Understanding of “state of the art” game marketing such as through Discord, Steam, Reddit, Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitch etc.

  • Curious when it comes to new platforms.

  • The desire, and ability, to engage with the community on social media platforms.

  • Excellent capabilities to create graphical marketing assets e.g. screenshots, newsletters, GIF’s etc.

  • Photoshop master – Illustrator/inDesign is a huge plus and so is the abilities to create video content.


If you feel the above fits you please send your resume, a quick description of yourself and your portfolio to We strive to answer as quickly as possible, but may wait for multiple applications before responding.



Don't see your listing here? You are always free to send an unsolicited application our way at

We will contact you if a suitable position become available. All applications are handled confidentially within the company and however applicant according to GDPR.

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