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New investment from Zaxis

A few months ago we announced that Triple Dragon had bought a minority in the studio. We are now proud to announce that we have received another - but smaller - investment.

Jacob Honoré, owner of Zaxis, has made a small investment and joins us a strategic partner. The purpose of the new partnership is, overall, to strengthen business development and the network, but with a particular focus on attracting capital to help promote and develop the proximity-based voice chat (VOIP) technology used by Invisible Walls in our social strategy game, First Class Trouble.

This will be a parallel track to the development of the game. We would like to develop our VOIP technology to make it more advanced, so that materials transmit sound differently. Making the game more interesting by allowing you to listen through walls if you are close enough and muffling sounds over distance etc.

At the same time, we want to make it user-friendly so that other game developers can use it as well.

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